Fateh Lohani
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Wednesday, 21 November 2007
Fateh Lohani (1920-1975)


The life of Fateh Lohani was full of energy and creativity. He was engaged in culture, art and literature. He was related with the powerful media such as newspaper, radio, film and television of 20th century. His professional life was related to Calcutta, Dhaka, Karachi and London from 1930’s to 1970’s. He was producer, actor, director, dramatist, broadcaster, journalist, writer, poet, lyricist and teacher at the same time.

Fateh Lohani was a student of Saint Marries Cathedral Mission High School of Calcutta. While studying there he did acting, caricature. After passing S.S.C. he admitted in Ripon College of Calcutta. In college he acted in many Bengali and English drama. The first drama acted by him was “ Sri Modhusudon” by Bonoful. He performed the role of Mohusudon. While studying in Ripon Collage he performed the role of “Ghost” Hamlet in the direction of Upol Datta. Later he got related with Natto Shomprodae and Sadharon Rongomoncho.

After passing B.A. he introduced with a number of famous actor and actress by acting in Natto Shomprodae. One time he got promotion to professional Natto Shomprodae. He joined a drama team named “Alok-Tirtho”. The head of this team was famous dramatist Nirmolendu Lahori. In this team he acted with Johar Ganguly, Promila Debi, Prodip Kumar etc.

The head office of drama institute of Udoyon Chowdhury was in 42 Dhormotola Street of Calcuta. Fateh lohani was selected the side here of the drama “Joar’ of this institute. He appeared as a commercial in this drama. The drama was acted in “Srerongom” (Stage). Shishir Vadhry enjoyed the drama and told about the possibility of Fateh Lohani.

In 1950 Fateh Lohani went to London. He took a two years course on producing in oldvic theater school. Oldvic is famous for drama school. It is called home shakespearean theatre. Then he joined in a professional rongomonch named London Caledian. Here he acted six month. Here he got six to seven shilling for every acting night.

While staying in London Fateh Lohani directed and acted drama for the Bangalies. According to weekly “Chitral”. In november of 1954 Fateh Lohani placed the drama “Shiraj-Ud-Doula” and he played the role of Shiraj-Ud-Doula. The drama was showed for 7 days.

In 1966 his translated drama “Akti Samanno Mrittu” was published. His three markin drama, “Chironton Hashi” was published. “Bilape Bilin”, In 1968 translated drama "Somudro Sombhog” was published.

Fateh Lohani wrote poems and songs. His songs were telecasted from Dhaka radio in the composition of Abdul Ahad. His own directed film “Akas O Mati” also has some of his songs. His poems published in “Pubali” of Dhaka in1965.

He made some radio drama. “Nivrito Songlam”, “Dur Theke Kache”, “Sagordola” are some of them. He worked as a journalist in two newspapers at the tile of 1945-47. He was the sub editor of the daily Azad. At that time his some writings were published. He also wrote in many other newspapers at the time of 1947-1975.

Fateh Lohani related with the most powerful media of 20th century radio in calcuta at the time of 40’s. Then he worked in Dhaka, London, and Karachi radio. He worked in radio as a drama producer, function producer, dramatist, actor, and newsreader. In student life he participated in different drama of all India Radio.

He was ordered to join in Dhaka Radio as a Bengali newsreader from Delhi. Fateh Lohani was the first to read Bengali news at Dhaka radio center in 14th August in 1947.

After returning to his home country Fateh Lohani worked with film.  But he took part in radio some time as an actor, commentator and dramatist. His relation with radio was till his death.

Fateh Lohani related with television as an actor and that drama was telecasted on 12th February of that year. Later he worked in Karigor, Manchitro, Shongshoptok etc television drama.

Most part of Fateh Lohani’s life is related with film. He got a lot of reputation from it. His period in film was from 1945 to 1975. He worked in film as director, producer, organizer, actor, lyrics, and journalist etc.

He first appeared in film in Calcutta as an extra artist in a Hindi film of Bimol Roy “Hamrah”. The role he played was named Kiron Kumar. At that time Obayedul Haque made a film “Dukkhe Jader Jikon Gora” on 1943. Fateh Lohani acted in side here role on opposite of Renuka Roy. Johor Ganguly was the hero of the film. The film released on 20th December 1946.  The third film of Fateh Lohani “Muktir Bondhon” was released on1st August 1947. He acted in opposite Getashree. Director was Wokhil Niogi.

After country division Lohani went to London. After studying there on drama he returned Dhaka at last of 1954. At that time a film studio and laboratory was established in tejgoan. Fateh Lohani was related with it.

The unit of the film “Around the world in Eighty days” came to the East Pakistan on November 1955. Fateh Lohani joined the unit. About 250 scenes were shoot for this film. Fateh Lohani wrote about his experiences of his film.

On 3rd April 1957 Sheikh Mujibur Rohman presented a bill “East Pakistan film development organization”. FDC was established by passing the film. Nazir Ahmed was the director of the organization. On script and direction of Fateh Lohani film Asia was started from the beginning of FDC. Asia released on 4th November 1960. Asia won president award as the best bangla film. Before Asia Fateh Lohani made “Akas R Mati” but it was not commercially successful.

1962-63 was the Urdu film revolution time. He made an Urdu film “Satrang”. But it was flop. He servived only as an actor. In Dhaka his first acted film was “Tanha” and “Raja Elo Sohore”. Then he acted a number of films. His last film was “Kuasha” in 1975.

Fateh Lohani was the member of Film Society Dhaka (1961), Head of Pakistan Cinematograph Somiti(163), Advisor of film institute(1966), Vice chairmen of FDC etc.


Some of his films:

1945- Hamrah (acting)

1946- Dukke Jader Jibon Gora (acting)

1947- Muktir Bondhon (acting)

1955- Arround the World in 80 Days

1956- The Get Way to East Pakistan (direction)

1959- Akas R Mati(direction)

1960- Asia (direction)

1961- Somjhota(direction)

1964- Tanha (acting)

1965- Sat-rong (direction)



1966- Behula, Fer Milenge

1967- Agun Nia Khela, Dorshon

1968- Etutuku Asa, Ballobondhu

1969- Mayar Songser, Protikar

1970- Mishor Kumari, Tansen, Akabaka

1973- Opobad

1974- Daku Monser, Ontorale

1975- Alo Tumi Alea, Ek Mutho Bhat

1977- Kuasha

1978- Srimoti 420, Ochena Otith

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