History of Camera before Lumiere Brothers in 1895
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Friday, 05 October 2007

384-219 (B.C.): Greek scientist and philosopher ‘Aristotle’ has done photographic study for the first time. Greek scientist ‘Archimedes’ first time used lens and mirror for making ‘Burning mirror’.

3rd century (B.C.): ‘Euclid’ the famous Greek mathematician discovered that light goes in straight line. His discovery had shown the way of photography.

12th century (A.D.): Arabian philosopher and scientist ‘Al-Hagen’ discovered the ‘persistence of vision’.

15th century (A.D.): Italian painter ‘Lionerdo-da-vinci’ described about camera obscurer for the first time.

16th century (A.D.): Italian ‘Giovanni Batistsa Delaporta’ developed the camera obscurer.

1550 (A.D.): Lens was used in camera obscurer for the first time.

1568 (A.D.): Italian ‘Daniel Barbaro’ used diaphragm in camera.

1573 (A.D.): ‘Dante’ used Concave mirror. As a result reflected image was viewed straightly.

1620 (A.D.): German scientist ‘Johannes Capler’ used black colour around the camera and closed all gaps.

1646 (A.D.): German scientist ‘Authanasias Kirchar Kirkher’ made more development in camera obscurer. He described about the magic light. He had shown the life story of Christ with the help of magic light by drawing on glass by ink with hand.

1725 (A.D.): German scientist ‘Johan Hainrikh Sholge’ made contact copy from stencil by mixing silver nitrate with chock.

1777 (A.D.): Swedish scientist ‘Karl Wilhelm Skill’ invented Ultra Violate Ray.

1800 (A.D.): England living German scientist ‘Fredric Wilhelm Hershel’ invented Infrared ray. In this year ‘Thomas Wedgwood’ and ‘Sir Hamfree Devi’ took the reflection of leaf and human shadow.

1813 (A.D.): Sir ‘David Ark’ discovered a lamp by which he started throwing shadow.

1816 (A.D.): French ‘Joseph Nisecore Niieps’ took the picture of a house by camera obscurer. A scientist named ‘William Henry Fox Talbot’ also developed camera obscurer.

1824 (A.D.): British medical scientist ‘Peter Bojet’ gave a new explanation about persistence of vision.

1826 (A.D.): At that time ‘Lui Jack Maad Dagora’ of France was researching about capturing pictures. ‘John Arton Perry’ of France made a way of watching picture by Thaumatrope.

1829 (A.D.): ‘Neaps’ and ‘Degora’ made a secrete contract for developing camera.

1832 (A.D.): Belgium’s scientist ‘Jhoshek Astoneon Ferdinando Plato’ and ‘Simon Von Stumper’ of Austria made the first moving picture showing machine. Plato gave his machines name Phenakistoscope and stumper gave Stereoscopic Disc. Plato changed his machines name Fantascope later. A movie on evil dose named ‘Le Diable socont’ was shown by it.

1839 (A.D.):
· 7th January: French science academy published about Dagora invented camera.
· 14th August: Dagora took his camera patent from England.
· 19th August: French government declared to give this invention to the people of world as gift.
· Scientist ‘Harshal’ added ‘photography’, ‘positive’, ‘negative’ etc. word in picture taking method in this year.

1840 (A.D.): Hungarian scientist ‘Joseph Max Petval’ made a new type of focus lens. Camera structure and capability was developed with the development of lens.

1841 (A.D.): ‘William Fox Talbot’ took his new picture taking method ‘Collotype’.

1845 (A.D.): German scientist ‘Christian Shanbean’ invented nitro cellulose.
1851 (A.D.): Colloideon or Waitplate method of ‘Fredric Scott Archer’ was published in England. This method became popular in taking picture.

1861 (A.D.): American scientist ‘Coleman Sellers’ invented Kinetoscope machine and took patent. Sellers showed picture by it. Another American scientist ‘Henry Wheel’ invented Phasmatrope.

1869 (A.D.):
· 15th June: A scientist named ‘John w. Hawat’ invented celluloid. It was named ‘Pyrozailim’ in the patent gadget of United State of America.

1870 (A.D.):
· 5th February: A picture was shown in America that was taken on light glass in the light of magic light by Phasmatrope machine.

1872 (A.D.):
· 2nd July: The word celluloid was first found in American gadget. The name of ‘Celluloid Manufacturing Company’ was found in it.
In this year a British citizen living in America ‘Edward Jemon Mayabridge’ tried to take a picture of a running horse by camera.

1877 (A.D.): ‘Emil Renate’ of France showed a hand made picture by inventing Praxinoscope machine. Muybridge was able to take a picture of a running horse by 10 to 30 cameras in this year.

1886 (A.D.): American scientist ‘ Jorge Eastman’ made Kodak film.

1889 (A.D.): American scientist ‘Tomas Alva Edison’ invented Kinetoscope machine. In this work his British partner ‘William Kennedy Lure Dickson’ helped him.

1893 (A.D.): ‘Edison’ invented Kinetoscope with film on 14th March. He and Mayabridge showed bioscope in Chicago city.
‘Black Maria’ the first film studio of the world was made on February of that year.

1894 (A.D.): The first commercial presentation of Kinetoscope was held on 14th April in Broadway. ‘Jenkins’ showed first bioscope with celluloid film on 6th June.

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