World Film History from 1895
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Friday, 05 October 2007

f1895: American professor Latham made a new camera for taking picture. The work finished in March. It was named “Pantopotiben”. It can take 40 pictures in a second.
20th May: Boxing picture of Giffro and Banet was shown in Broadway.
June: Lumier brothers of France showed a film to French Photographic Society by cinematograph machine.
28th December: first commercial film was shown in Grand Café of Paris of France. The day is regarded as the first film showing day of the history.

1896: Lumier brothers showed cinematograph in London in February for the first time. Jorge Melie showed bioscope in France. Lumier brothers showed film in Vienna and Geneva in April and in Madrid, Belgrade, New York in June. In 7th July Lumier brothers showed first bioscope.

1897: Jorge Smith made first film in Britain. Bioscope was shown in January in Calcutta. Film was showed in Japan. “Coconut Fair”, first film of India was shown in 2nd September.

1898: “Fashion Play” named 2150 feet lengthy film was shown in USA. Picture of horse race was taken in India. “The Fairy Godmother” and “Faoust and Ghefistofels” was made in Britain. Hiralal Sen made the Royal Bioscope Company.

1899: Drama picture was taken in France. Bioscope was shown in different country of the world.

1900/19002: Jorge Melie made 12 pictures in France. Fed out, dissolve, double exposer etc. was used in those films. Jeca made “Cuvedi” in France. “Panoroma of Calcutta” was shown in Calcutta. Edwin S Porter made “The Life of an American” in America.

1903: Edwin Esporter of USA made the first picture story of the world named “The Great Train Robbery”. Its length was eight hundred feet. Jorge Melie made 29 short length picture stories. First hall of Japan was made. Hall was made in Australia.

1904: Jorge Melie made 37 pictures in France.

1905:”Rescued by Rover” was made in England. Hiralal Sen made the first informative picture at Calcutta.

1906: “Revolution in Odesa” was made in France according to the direction of Jekar. “The Story of The Kelly Gang” was made in Australia.

1907: Jorge Melie made “20000 Legume Under The Sea” in France. Griffith met with the people of edition with the script of “La Tosca”. Alexender captured the scene of the drama of Dancove Pushkin.

1908: 3D picture taking system started in Britain. “The Last Days of Pompeii” was made in Italy under the direction of Amrossio. “Cinderella”, “Joan of Ark”, Sign of Cross”, “Romeo Juliet” was presented in India. First short length fixture film “Tony in War show” in Poland. First studio was made in Tokyo. “Kazaks of The Don” was made in Russia. “Step by Step” was made in Australia. Griffith made first film “The Adventure of Dolly”. Cinema hall was made in Bulgaria and camera was imported.

1909: Pâté Film Company made “Thomko Clad in snow”. Jeovanna Pastrone made “Nrico 3”. Attempt of making sound full film was taken in Sweden.

1910: Max Linder got film star respect in France. “The Fall of Troy” was made in Italy. The first full film “Caradrosy” was made in Yugoslavia.

1911: Hollywood film city was made in America.

1912: Guasni made “Coo Vady” in Italy. First western film was made in America. The first picture story “The Bulgarian Galloyont” was made in Bulgaria. Starting of film making in Checkoslavia. Using of volley in picture taking in Italy. Dada Bhai started to make film India. First film was “From Pinnate to Plant”.

1913: French film director Feuled made “Phantoms”. Vagner Rai made “The Student of Prag” in Germany. Chisel Demil made “Sex-Blood-Biabel” in America. First full length film “Raja Horishchondro” was made in India. Charlie Chaplin joined in film.

1914: film of Chaplin “Tillish Pankber” and “Romance” was released in America. It was the first comedy film of the world. John Ford made “Lusile The Waitress”.

1915: “The Madness of Dr. Tube” was made in France. Film director Earnest Lubikh appeared in Germany. Vagner made “The Kalkhan”. Griffith directed greatest film “The Birth of a Nation” was released in America.

1916: “Intolerance” was released in America according to the direction of Griffith.

1917: Charlie Chaplin made “The Emigrant” and “Easy Street”.

1918: “The Out Law And His Wife” was released in Sweden.

1919: First Bangla soundless film “Bisso Mongol” was released in Calcutta. Director was Jotish Banerjee and producer was Madan theatre ltd.

1920: One of the greatest films “The Cabinet of Dr. Kallygery” was released in Germany. Joshtrom directed “The Phantom” was released in Sweden. Charlie Chaplin’s “The Kid” was released. The first film school of the world was established in Russia. First studio was made in Poland.

1921: Rudolph Vallentino became star by acting in “The Four Horseman of The Apocalypse” in America. Griffith made “Dream Street”. Eric Daim made “Foolish Wives”. Dhirendronath produced Bilat Ferot” in Calcutta. Abe Gaa made “La Row” in France. “Greek Wonder” was made in Greek. It was the first film of Greek.

1922: Frethglang and “Nosferato” by Murnat in Germany directed “Dr. Mabaous”. “Merry Goraund” was made in America. “Bishbrikkho” and “Adhare Alo” was shouted in Calcutta.

1923: Stohaim directed “Greed”, Cruz directed “The Covered Wagon”, Chaplin directed “The Pilgroy” was released in America. Noresh Mitro made “Manvonjon” in Calcutta.

1924: Rene Clear made “Entrecote” in France. Murnaw made “The Last Laugh” in Germany. Leny made “Wax Wash”. Fregthland made “The Neyeb Langan Sag”. “Ten Commandments” was released in America according to the direction of Dimil. Jhon Ford made “The Iron Horse”. Sergei Eisenstein of Russia made “Strike”. “Razia Begum” was shown in Mumbai of India.

1925: First film parliament was formed in France and Britain. Pabst made “Joyless Street” in Germany. Charlie Chaplin made “The Gold rush”. King Vider made “Great Pared”. Eijenstain made famous picture “Battleship Potmpkin” in Russia.

1926: in this year “City Symphony” of Cavelcanty and “Nana” of Renoa was released in France. “Faust” of Murnaw and “Metropolis” of Frigland was released. “Mona” of Robert Flaharty was made in America. Niblo directed “Benhur” was made in America. “Three Bradman” of John Ford was released. Stohaim made “The Weeding Arch”.

1927: Film bill was passed. Cinematograph committee was made in India. “The Phason of Joan of Ark” of Karl Drayer was made in Denmark. Rene made “The Italian Straw Hat” in France. Walter Ruthman made “Berlin, Symphony of a Great City” in Germany. Pudvokin made “The End of Cent Pitsbarg”. Eijenstain made “October”. The most significant film of the world “The Judge Singer” was released in America.

1928: Jermain Dulak made “The Mishel and The Clargiman” in France. Film Society Federation was also made in this year. Jostom of America made “Wind”. Murnaw of Germany made “Sunrise”. “Devdas” was made in Calcutta (soundless). Robindro story “Bisorjon” was released. Nowab family of Dhaka took step to make films.

1929: Alfred Hitchcock made the first sound full film “Blackmail” in England. John Grearson made famous informative picture “The Drifters”. Eijenstain made “The General Line”. Dovgenco made “Arsenal”. Vertov made “The Man With a Movie Camera”. “Alom Ara” was released in India. Robindronath and Kazi Nazrul Islam appeared in filmmaking. First full length film “The Last Kiss” was made in Dhaka.

1930: Rene made “Under The Roofs of Paris” in France. Jaw Cockto made “The Blood of The Poet”. “Blue Angel” was made in Germany. Dovjenko made “Earth” in Russia. Griffith made “Abraham Linkon” in America.

1931: Clear made “A No La Liberty” in France. Charlie Chaplin made “City Lights”. “Jamai Sosthi” was released in India. Kazi Nazrul was engaged as the survandari of Madan Theater of Calcutta. “The Last Kiss” was released in Bangladesh.

1932: “Land Without Bred” of Bunuyel was released in Spain. Vego made “Zero Made Conduct” in France. Ogu made “Good Morning” in Japan. Rene made “Carts Juilev”. Devki Basu made “Condidas” ic Calcutta. Robindronath acted in “Notir Putul”.

1933: eijenstain started “Ku Viva Mexico”. Pudvokin made “The Deserter”. Kulesomb made “The Great Consoler”. Flaharty started “Man of Aren”. King Vider made “Our Daily Brad”. Nazrul Islam made a contract with Madan Theater for film directing.

1934: Vigo directed “The Atlanta” in France. Vertov made “Three Songs of Lenin” in Russia. Nazrul and Sattendronathe De directed “Druv” was released in Calcutta.

1935: John Ford made “The Informer” in America. Rene made “The Ghost Goes West”. Jaw renoa made “Tony”. Promothes Borua made “Devdas”.

1936: Kortha made “Rembrandt” in England. Frank made “Mr. Divas Goes to Town”. Chaplin directed “Modern Times”. Jaw Renoa made “Law Cram d Ghosie Land”, “Lovi Etanu”, “Da Sampan”, “Le Back” in France. Tukaram made “Dampol”, “S Catele” in Marathi language. Ousten directed “Ouccut Konna”. “Onnopurna Mondir” and “Sonar Songsar” released in Calcutta.

1937: Jaw Renoa made “Grand Issuson” in France. Rene made “Break The News”. Walt Disney made “Snow White” in America. Flaharty made “Elephant Boy”.

1938: Debki Basu made a film on the story “Biddapoti” of Kazi Nazrul Islam in both Bangla and Hindi. Moti Gidwani made the first colour picture of India “Kishan Konna”. Kazi Nazrul Islam directed the songs of “Gora”. Eijenstain made “Alexander Neveski” in Russia. Jaw Renoa made “La Marsai” and “La Bete Human” in France. Bengla Motion Pictures Association was formed in Calcutta.

1939: Some wood made “Good Bye Mr. Chips”. Jaw Renoa made “The Rules of The Game” in France. John Ford made “Stage Coach” in America. Fleming made “Gone With The Wind”. Promothesh Borua made “Rojot Joyonti”.

1940: John Ford made “The Grapes of Rarth” in America. Chaplin made “The Great Dictator”. Selim-Al-Azima made the first film of Egypt. Film advisor board was formed in India. Mehbub Khan made “Sister” and “Awrat”. “Doctor” and “Shap Mukti” was released in Calcutta.

1941: Haston made “The Moltise Falcon” in America. John Ford made “How Green Was My Valley”. Orson Wells made famous “Citizen Cain”. Kuleshove of Russia made “Indecent on a Volcano”. Jaw Renoa made Swamp Water” in France. Sohrab Medi made “Sikander” in India. Oadia made “The Court Dancer” in English. Nironjon Pal made “Rashpurnima” in Calcutta. Bengla Tiger Pictures was formed in the leadership of Nazrul Islam.

1942: Viskanti made “Obsession” in Italy. Wells made “The Magnificent Embarrassment”. Frank made “What We Fight”. “Bangal Ki Pukar” was made on the starvation in Calcutta. “Ses Uttor”, “Milon”, Jibon Songini”, “Chourangi”, “Parinita” was released. Korne directed “Less Visitors Dusoyor”.

1943: “Prio Bandhobi”, “Somadhan”, “Dikshol”, “Shohor Theke Dure” was released in Calcutta. Indian government made information and telecast department. Call Drayer made “Day of Rush” in Denmark. Rene Clear made “It Happened Tomorrow” in France. Kulshave made “Timurson Oth” in Russia.

1944: Eijenstain made “Evan The Terrible” in Russia. Addre Broso made “The Ladies of Bo D Belen” in France. Karne made “Children of Paradise”. Bimol Roy released “Udoyer Pothe” in Calcutta. Promothes Borua made “Chader Kolongko”. Dada Bhai died in this year.

1945: Devid Leen of England made “Brief Accounter”. Roberto Rosolini made “Open City” in Italy. “Ovinoy Noe”, Manena Mana”, “Bhabi Kaal”, “Dui Purus” was released in Calcutta.

1946: Jaw Rukto made “Beauty and The Beast” in France. Resolini made “Poes” in Italy. John Ford made “My Darling Climentain” in America. Eijenstain finished the work of “Evan The Terrible” in Russia. Khaza Ahmed made “Dharti Ki Lal” in Calcutta. “Mouchake Dhil”, “Biraj Bou”, “Pother Sathi”, “Eito Jibon”, “Sasti”, “Songram” was released in Calcutta.

1947: “Bicycle Siff”, a neorialism film of D Sika was released in Italy. Chaplin made “Mosie Verdu”. Macklaren made “Fiddle D D” in Canada. “Ovijatri”, “Pother Dabi”, “Srinkol”, “Purborag”, “Deser Dabi”, “Muktir Bondhon”, “Sopno O Sadhona”, “Amar Desh”, “Jagoron”, “Notun Khobor” was released in Calcutta.

1948: Devid Leen made “Oliver Twist” in Britain. Viskanti directed “La Tere Tema” in Italy. Reselini Made “Germany Year Ju”. Alfred Hitchkok made “The Rope”, Wells made “Mackbeth”. Flaharti made “Luijiana Story”. “The Last Stage” was made in Poland. “Purobi”, “Bish Sochor Age”, “Dristi Dan”, “Sahara”, “Mone Chilo Asa”, “Debdut”, “Sadharon Meye”, “Mati O Manus”, “Sorbohara”, “Ongongor” was released in Calcutta.

1949: Carel Read made “The Third Man” in Britain. Roselini made “Stockbolly” in Italy. “Lahor” was made in Mumbai. “Shamoler Shopno”, “Rangamati”, “Bondhur Poth”, “Sondipon Pathsala”, “Ononna”, “Oviman”, “Onuradha”, “Putul Nacher Etikotha”, “Mohadan”, “Diner por Din”, “Shami”, “Poroborton”, “Chottogram Osragar Lunthon”, “Kuasa” was made in Calcutta.

1950: Filmmaking was started in China. “Orfi” was made in France. Kayato made “Justice is John”. D Simons made “Miracol in Millan” in Italy. Astoneoni made “Cronical of Love”. Lui Bunuel made “The Last One” in Mexico. Elia Kazan made “Panic in The Street” in America. Bimol Roy made “Sujata” in India.


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