Morshedul Islam
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Friday, 05 October 2007

One of the successful filmmakers of Bangladesh film industry; Morshedul Islam was born in 1st December, 1958 in Dhaka. He had his B. Farm (Hon’s) and M. Farm degree from Dhaka University. He introduced himself as a filmmaker in 1984 with the short film “Agami” while he was a student. With the film “Agami”, there started a short film revolution in Bangladesh, which was known as ‘Alternate Film’ later. “Nouka O Jibon”, “Shuchona”, “Chaka”, “Dipu Number Two”, “Dukai”, “Brishty”, “Shorot”, “Durotto”, “Khelaghor” also famous films made by him. He and his films took part more than 40 international film festival in different countries of Asia, Europe and America till now. His remarkable national and international awards are Best Short Film National award in 1984 for “Agami”, best direction award in Delli International Film Festival in 1985 also. International Critics Award in Manheim Film Festival in 1983 and Best Film and Best Director Award in Dunkirk Film Festival of France in 1994 for film “Chaka”. Nine national awards with Best Film Award in 1997 for “Dukai”


· Khelaghor (2006)
· Durotto (2004)
· Shorot (2000)
· Brishty (2000)
· Dukai (1997)
· Dipu Number Two (1996)
· Chaka (1993)
· Shuchona (1988)
· Nouka O Jibon (1986)
· Agami (1984)

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