Nazir Ahmed
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Friday, 05 October 2007

From Armanitola Dramatic Club to Dhaka Radio Station, from Calcutta to FDC of tejgoan of Dhaka Nazir Ahmed made such an example that is a golden chapter of our history. It is our beautiful past of our literature. Radio personality and film founder of Bangladesh Nazir Ahmed can be said the leader of literature.

Birth and identity:

Nazir Ahmed was born in 1925 in a famous family like Mirza family of old Dhaka. This family was contributing in politics, art, literature, and culture of Dhaka as well as east bangla for more than two hundred years. His father Mirza Fokir Mohammad and uncle Mirza Abdul Kader was the founder and owner of Lion Theater of Dhaka and diamond cinema hall of Narayongong. Elder brother Abu Naser Ahmed was related with film business since the soundless period of film. Another brother artist Hamidur Rohman was the designer of central Shoheed Minar. Younger brother Sayed Ahmed was a successful dramatist of the country. He was lucked well because of his family environment. He was born in soundless film period but after having sense he saw both soundless and sound full films.

Film making of Nazir Ahmed:

Though he was acting in stage since he was 10/12 but he joined in radio in 1940. He joined in Calcutta radio in 1942. Advertisement work of central government in 1944 was been doing in Calcutta studio of chourangi road. He gave his voice in a number of news pictures. He gave his voice in informational picture of advertisement department. Thus he gained experience by getting familiar with film making and editing.

During political, economical, authoritical, cultural rehabilitation; country division Pakistani governor general Mohammad Ali Zinnah came to Dhaka in March of 1948. An informational film should be made on his 10 days tour to Dhaka. But the then government had no equipment, studio, and artists for this. So the responsibility was given on experienced Nazir Ahmed. He brought camera and equipment from Arora film studio and made the film. He himself was the editor and commentator. It was named “In Our Medict”. It was released on 16th April 1948. It was the first film of East Pakistan.

Curiosity in development of film:

Nazir Ahmed realized the necessity filmmaking and establishment of studio in Bangladesh. While he was editing and processing Pakistan made films, he met with the home minister of East Pakistan Nurul Amin. Nurul Amin told him to make film in Dhaka. Then he told to collect a movie camera at primary stage. Nurul Amin took the responsibility of the camera. But unfortunately Juctofront defeated Nurul Amin till the camera was reached in Dhaka.

Nazir Ahmed took the chief position of film unit in 1953. He made “Salamot” from this unit. It should be highlighted that the camera brought by Nurul Amin made “Salamot”. He tried to make a permanent film studio and laboratory in Dhaka. This studio started on 30th June in 1955 at B.G.Press of Tejgoan.

Establishment of FDC:

Nurul Amin was very egger to make film industry. After his defeat Nazir Ahmed connected with Eskander Mirza by the then chief secretary N.M.Khan. He showed his curiosity to make film studio in Dhaka. He wrote a letter personally for the license of importing studio equipments.

He met with Sheikh Mujibur Rahman during his student life. But he became the labour, industry and trade minister of East Pakistan. This related him with film department. The then central Pakistan government had a budget of one million taka to make an organization for the development of West Pakistan film industry. Nazir Ahmed raised his voice for equal budget for East Pakistan film. Central government suggested to make a film organization. Nazir Ahmed then met with Sheikh Mujibur Rohman to make a permanent film studio in Dhaka. He ordered to make a bill for film development organization. There were two days left of law authority meeting. So Nazir Ahmed and Abul Khair made the papers of FDC in a hurry.

Sheikh Mujibur Rohman raised the bill in the last day of meeting on 3rd April in 1957. On that day there was present 11 ministers, 150 members and speaker Abdul Hakim. The bill passed after a little correction. Nazir Ahmed’s dream became to be true.

Later activities of FDC:

Nazir Ahmed didn’t stopped by founding FDC. His role in its activity is remarkable. He joined as the operative director of the organization. He made it as a modern studio and laboratory. He worked in FDC till 1962. He made a film named “Dui Digonto”.

Nazir Ahmed has been living in London since 1973. He died in 1st February of 1990. But in his 65 years life he made the stair of development for East Bangla film. It may have taken some more years to establish FDC without his contribution. Bangla film may be lacked behind. If there was such kind of personality in our film industry now our film was sure to be on the top.

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