Dhiren Ganguly
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Friday, 05 October 2007
 Robindronath acted as Ballik and Dhirendronath acted as Maya in stage.

After completing his education at Santiniketon he had admitted himself at Scotish Chaurch College, then government art school. Meanwhile, he was attracted by cinematography. When ever he was going to Europe Robnindronath gave him a testimonial. This testimonial was published in “Mooviola” newspaper on 29th June in 1914.

Dhirendronath was the son of Bamonchondro Ganguly of Barishal. He was born on 26th March in 1893. The name of this great pioneer of bangla film industry is unknown to many of us. His soul was blend with the paintings. So the emperor of Urrisha, Nizam art school of Hidrabad, invited him. He published some books along with his feelings during doing his duty as a principle with picture. Such as: Biye, Bhalobasa, Fulshojja, Rongberong, and Amardesh etc. After seeing those books, Madan Theaters proposed him to direct some films.

Robindronath’s Bisorjon has been selected to be his first film. He got the permission of Rbindronath. But at last Parsi Company Madan Theaters failed to campromise with bangali Dhirendronath. So he tried to make a total bangali film industry with some same minded people. Nitis Lahori, Jotish Sorkar, Surendronath Datte, P.N.Datte was with him. They made the “Indo British Film Company”.

It was the only bangali film producing organization after Royal Bioscope Company of Hiralal Sen. The first film of this organization “Bilat Ferot” was released on 26th February in 1921. The scriptwriter, actor, director was Dhirendronath and his heroin was Shushil Devi. In the advertisement of the film it was announced that: First bangla film acted by bangali actors without foreign help under bangali direction.

Dhirendronath made about 50 films. He was a teacher for a number of persons. Promothes BoruaDhinesronjon Das, Debkikumar Basu etc. were among them. Last directed film by Dhirendronath was cartoon. He
got Poddobhuson, Dada Saheb Falke Award from India government. This film creator died in 1978 on 18th November.

He was third son of bangla after Hiralal sen, Prionath Ganguli by whom bangla film was enriched. But it is a matter of sorrow that the name of Dhirendronath Ganguli or D.J. is about to be forgotten.
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