George Melie
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Friday, 05 October 2007

George Melie can be named after Lumier brothers. He was a magician in occupation. He was used to make magic in cities and towns. He was able to realize this new magic invention of science. Melie made about five hundred small films from 1897 to 1913. He made films in a magic way. Such as- in “The Vanishing Lady” when lady was in the stage, camera was suddenly stopped while taking pictures. It started again when lady was not in the stage. As a result viewers saw the lady was suddenly vanished. He had a great contribution in technical matters of film. Such as using dissolve in tricks photography, which became a familiar way later. The idea of making false set was of Melie. Melie tried to make a story from one long shot. He tried to make a big story from 20 chapters of Cinderella. In Humanity through Age he tried to make a serious film from the story of Habil-Kabil. Film is thankful to Melie for one another reason. That is he started the possibility of time and space breaking film. “A Trip to the Moon” is another famous film of George Melie.

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